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Phone (English): (715) 284-9714 (Gene Bruley)
Phone (Español): (715) 670-0072 (Nathan Bruley)

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If you would like a personal visit or call to discuss the Scriptures, you must ask us. (For those living outside of our area we may be able to find others to visit you.)

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Gospel Hall
307 N. 8th Street, Black River Falls, WI.
If this is a church, where's the steeple? shine as lights in the world.
Philippians 2:15
Spanish information available ~ Informacíón en Español está disponible

If you speak Spanish or desire to reach Spanish speaking people with the gospel, we have information and free literature available.

Si Ud. quiere escuchar a mensajes en español gratis, por favor visite a

Si Ud. tiene preguntas sobre la vida eterna, queremos ayudarle. 
Por favor, escríbanos por correo electrónico al

Sabemos muchas personas en países hispánicos con que se puede hablar por teléfono si Usted lo querría. Solo hay de decirnos de donde viene Usted y las detalles de contactarle.

Tenemos información gratis sobre la vida eterna por el Señor Jesucristo. Solo hay que pedirnos (e-mail) que se la mandemos.

También, Usted puede visitar el sitio por mucho material cristiano muy bueno.

Se puede usar Google o para leer estas páginas en español.
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What is a Church?
Where's the steeple?

Many today likely have the idea that a "church" is a great building with stained-glass windows and steeple. This is the definition we have given it in modern society. However, in the New Testament we understand that a "church" was a called-out company or congregation, and not a building at all! The New Testament places its emphasis not on the building, but in the Person to whom this company gathers: the Lord Jesus Christ. It emphasizes the spiritual realm, not the physical. The pattern laid out for us in God's Word is not one of ritual but of simple devotion to the Saviour who died for us. Thus we seek to maintain the order and simplicity that we see in God's Word and elevate the Person, not the place.
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